Tuition Cost

Total cost for the program before financial aid and/or employer assistance for the cohort starting August 2018 is approximately $27,324 USD.  ($759 USD per semester hour.)

Tuition includes:

Tuition does not include:

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw during any period of enrollment and follow the approved withdrawal procedures will receive refunds for instructional fees according to the following schedule:

Up to and including the first day of classes in the semester: 100% refund

From second day to 10% period of time (class days) in the semester: 90% refund

After 10% and up to 20% period of time (class days) in the semester: 80% refund

After 20% and up to 30% period of time (class days) in the semester: 70% refund

After 30% and up to 40% period of time (class days) in the semester: 60% refund

After 40% and up to 50% period of time (class days) in the semester: 50% refund

After 50% and up to 60% period of time (class days) in the semester: 40% refund

After 60% period of time (class days) in the semester: No refund

If a refund amount is owed to the student, but the student has outstanding institutional charges or if the student owes a repayment of a cash disbursement for non-institutional costs, the school will automatically apply the refund amount to those charges or repayment. The school will also notify the student in writing if either situation has occurred.

The university and/or student may be required to return “unearned” loan funds if a student withdraws from the university.  Aid is “earned” based on the number of days of enrollment.  Once the student has completed 60% of the enrollment period, aid is considered fully earned.  Students must complete a formal withdraw process starting with the program representative.

Financial aid will be adjusted according to federal guidelines for students who withdraw.

General Financial Aid

For more information on specific Financial Aid click on the link to your school’s website.

Bluffton University

Canadian Mennonite University

Eastern Mennonite University

Goshen College

Employer Assistance

An increasing number of employers provide educational assistance benefits to their employees.  Students should check to see if their employer provides educational assistance. Students will need to notify their school’s financial aid office of any employer assistance that they receive.

Financial Aid – US specific

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Direct Loan Limits

It is important to note that students are subject to aggregate (maximum) loan limits.  To obtain your current student loan debt, logon to your account at:
Annual loan limits for “Graduate and Professional Student Federal Direct Loans” are $20,500 USD (up to cost of attendance minus other financial aid). Aggregate loan limits are $138,500 USD.

Steps to Apply for US Federal Financial Aid

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  2. Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) at
  3. Complete the Entrance Loan Counseling (required for first-time Bluffton, Goshen and EMU borrowers only)

Award letters showing federal student loan eligibility will be emailed to students who have submitted a FAFSA and are formally accepted to the program.  This information will also include instructions on applying for federal student loans.

Key Financial Aid Eligibility Factors

Financial Aid Standards of Progress

Schedule Changes
Alterations to your academic schedule, additions and/or deletions, may affect your financial aid eligibility and necessitate a revised award notice.

If you withdraw or are withdrawn from your school, the Financial Aid Office will complete a return of funds calculation to determine what financial aid funds you are eligible to keep. Based on the calculation, grant and loan funds may need to be returned. The financial aid office has 45 days to complete a return of funds calculation. Once the calculation is complete, you will be contacted in regards to your current account status.

Previous Student Loans
If you are currently in repayment on federal student loans that you previously borrowed, you may continue to repay those loans or have them placed in deferment. You must be enrolled at least half-time to have your loans in a deferment status. Contact your loan servicer for further information on this option.


Financial Aid – Canada specific

Tuition Tax Credits

Canadian students that enroll through CMU will pay all fees through CMU, and will receive in February the form T2202A (Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate) that can be used to claim federal and provincial non-refundable tax credits.

–          For further information on claiming your Tuition, Education and Textbook amounts please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website (

–          For assistance on filing your income taxes while a student please refer to this section of the Canada Revenue Agency website (

Each province uses different tax rates and the amount of credits you can claim based on your T2202A varies by province; prospective students should check their provincial tax forms to find out what amounts they would be able to claim.


Government Student Loans

Canadian students will also be eligible to apply for student loans. Student loan applications open in June for the fall and winter semesters. You must apply to the province of your permanent residence. Go to and follow the links to your province.


Graduate Retention Incentives

–          If you are from Manitoba and stay in this province after graduation or if you are from another province and choose to make Manitoba your home after graduation you can receive up to $25,000 USD in tuition tax credits. With this generous program, plus other tax breaks available to students, you may get the majority of your tuition back.For more information visit

–          If you study in Manitoba and return to your home province after graduation, you will want to find out if that province offers a graduate retention incentive. Check your provincial government website for more information on graduate retention incentives or tuition rebate programs.


Manitoba Tuition Rebate Advance

–          If you are a resident of and file your taxes in Manitoba while you are studying you might be eligible for the tuition rebate advance, which is a refundable credit of up to 5% of eligible tuition paid for the year. For more information visit


For more information, contact Sarah Klassen-Bartel, Financial and Student Services Advisor at Canadian Mennonite University.