Campuses of the Collaborative MBA

Flexible Delivery and Community

We work hard at developing community and at the same time maximizing the flexibility that working adults need when pursuing additional education. We do this through a combination of residencies and synchronous and asynchronous online learning.

We require two residencies, one located in North America and one located in a developing country. The North American residency is at the beginning of the program and the location rotates between our four schools. The residency in a developing country varies by cohort with specific information on location available prior to the beginning of any new cohort.

Non-residency courses are delivered primarily through the use of synchronous online videoconference technology with complementary asynchronous learning activities as deemed appropriate by the course instructor.

Through the implementation of this hybrid multi-channel approach to the delivery of our education, our goal is to enhance the development of community even beyond what you would experience in a complete face-to-face program.