Leadership for the Common Good

Leadership for the Common Good is a unique perspective that we bring to leadership education. It provides the lens we look through as we develop curriculum. We organize our work around personal formation, competency and relationships.

Personal Formation – Walking with students on a journey of integration, spiritual growth, and maturity, and resulting in leaders who understand that personal, business, organizational, and community existence and success are tied to the sustainability of local and global systems.

Competency – Developing transformative leaders who design businesses and organizations and nurture communities to be resilient and sustainable with skills in entrepreneurship, shared vision development, mutual accountability, financial integrity, continuous innovation, empowerment of people and teams, and systems thinking.

Relationships  – Building a community where we develop and maintain trustworthy relationships with each other and God, where creative problem solving responds to constituent and community life conditions to transform personal, business, organizational, and community conflicts into healthy outcomes.