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General Questions

Is The Collaborative MBA accredited?

Eastern Mennonite University has received approval for this program from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Goshen College and Bluffton University have received approval from the Higher Learning Commission. Learn more about the accreditation…

Given that there are four schools that are partners in this program, where does my degree come from?

You can choose to have your degree come from any of the four schools: Bluffton University, Canadian Mennonite University, Eastern Mennonite University, or Goshen College. If you do not choose, we will choose a school for you. All of your courses will be registered with that school so your transcripts will show all credit given by the school you choose.

Will I be allowed to choose the school where I will participate in graduation?

It is expected that students will attend the graduation of the school that is issuing their degree. If, given unusual circumstances, a student wishes to attend the graduation ceremony of a different Collaborative MBA participant school than the one they are receiving their degree from, they must petition the Collaborative MBA program director by November 30 of the academic year within which they will graduate with a rationale for wanting to change graduation locations. If permission is granted by the Collaborative MBA program director, the student will be responsible to make arrangements to obtain the appropriate graduation regalia for the school where they will be physically present for graduation.

Each school will list all Collaborative MBA graduates along with their degree issuing school in their graduation programs.

What is the curriculum?

The program consists of twelve core courses.


Who will my advisor be during the program?

You will be assigned an advisor once you enter the program.

I do not have a business bachelor’s degree. Can I apply for the program?


How long does it take to complete the program?

22 months.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Up to four years.

Is a thesis required?


When can I start to take classes?

Once you are accepted into the program, you may start taking classes with the next available cohort.

What if I have to take a break for personal or professional reasons?

The cohort model is ideal when students move through the program together as a community. However, we understand sometimes life gets in the way. If for some reason you need to take a break for personal or professional reasons, you can drop out of a class (see refund policy) and resume with the cohort when your schedule permits. You would simply take the missed course(s) the following year. We strongly suggest, however, that you wait until the end of the semester so that you can earn credit for the work you have begun.

Why an International Residency as part of the Collaborative MBA Program?

One of our program core values is “Global Citizenship.” We believe that organizations today are interdependent and mutually accountable to local, national, and global communities. As a result, we believe in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and interfaith engagement. To that end, a global perspective is important for today’s business and organizational leaders. This one-week international residency not only provides students with a global perspective but also a context and on-going case study for the entire MBA curriculum. In addition, it is also a resume enhancing hands-on experience that provides perspective for student’s day-to-day work and their development as leaders in their organization.

Some students have used the international residency as a launching point for further travel or holiday time in the same location or region, and this may include family members or friends.  Students who take opportunity to extend their experience for personal reasons should plan for their family/friend to arrive on location no earlier than the departure day of the residency.

Do I need a computer?


General Requirements

Any computer or laptop purchased in the past three years will meet the minimum specs.

Specific Details

Admission Questions

How often are students admitted into the program?

A new cohort begins each August.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application by clicking on the institution in which you choose to enroll: Bluffton University | Canadian Mennonite University | Eastern Mennonite University | Goshen College.

Is there an application deadline?

For admission in fall 2018 the deadline is July 15. The first 18 students who send in their deposits will be enrolled for fall 2019.

Is an interview required?

Yes, an interview, either in person, conference call, or videoconference, is required.

Can I transfer graduate semester hours from another institution into the program?

Yes, you can transfer up to six semester hours into the program from another accredited graduate program. This decision is made by each individual school MBA director.

Financial Aid Questions

How many semester hours do I need to take each semester to be eligible for financial aid?

Six semester hours.

What is the tuition rate for the program?

The semester hour rate is $759 USD for the next cohort starting in August 2016. The tuition rate for the program includes all expenses during both the national and international residencies (excluding transportation).  Learn more…

How do I pay my tuition bills?

You will receive a bill from your school.

How do I contact the Financial Aid Office at my school?

Please click on the links below.

Bluffton University

Canadian Mennonite University

Eastern Mennonite University

Goshen College

Registration Questions


Can I drop a class?

You can drop a class.  The last day to withdraw from a class and receive a “W” is the same as the last day for a refund. See our program’s refund policy.

What happens if I have an emergency and need to take an incomplete in a class?

Incomplete courses will need approval of the program director in consultation with the professor.  The course work then needs to be completed four weeks after the course is over.